2 days in Wei Zhou China

Testing out the framing of shots in photographs during a short two-day trip to Wei Zhou Island off of the South China Sea.


Just outside of the city centre you’ll find an array of temples and pagodas dated back to a time when the island was occupied by French and Vietnamese reign as many of China’s islands were once under disputed sovereignty. However, with a small stagnant population of locals it is very much a prime destination for short and quiet tour stays off of the mainland.






Here, we stayed at the Island Skylight Resort east of the island which is still full of newly developed high rises and hotels mixed in with seaside scenic views and small shops. The hotel in particular offers an excellent variety of seafood served as a Chinese style hotpot buffet which works out to be well worth the visit for fresh seafood lovers.


Back in Hong Kong for the time being which really allows me to appreciate the freedom from censorship laws compared to China’s ongoing government sponsored market monopoly by Baidu. Hence, you will still find Gmail, Google, Facebook and Twitter is banned and foreign hosted websites load much slower than local pages in China.

Heading to Turkey soon. Looking forward to a different city outside of the Asia-Pacific and lots of photography.

Hoi Sze Lam

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